Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Hola kids. I am an anonymous blogger who is blogging with my partner in crime, who calls herself Ideologist. My speciality is in jewellery making, well in my mind, I believe that’s my speciality. Anyways, you will most likely see that my creations would be focused on jewellery. I also enjoy art, music, thrifting, movies, and food, oh god, fooooooooooooood. Oh, I also suffer from a condition of poor grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.Hullo there! Through my alias, Ideologist, I hope to share with you the adventures my companion (Chemist) and I experience in the world of arts & crafts, thrifting and food. I don't have much of a talent for anything except for eating, haha. On the other hand, I do love exploring and looking for treasures at the local thrift store.


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