Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food: Korean BBQ-ish

Today, my friends and I celebrated another friend's belated birthday (reason why it's belated was because we were rehearsing for a performance). We performed one of her favourite song, Start, from her beloved Korean-Pop, SHINee. That was because this year we've decided not to purchase gifts and instead treated the person to dinner, but we felt that just dinner wasn't enough. Being the indecisive group of friends we are, it took us 3 hours to pick and we decided on Nak Won. We had free side dishes, ordered Jajangmyun (not the prettiest dish) and a large BBQ portion of pork bacon slices and marinated sirloin that came with soup and 2 bowls of rice (apparently it only serves 2 people, yet it fed all seven of us...)! I personally would not consider it a 'proper' Korean BBQ restaurant because the tables aren't installed with grills, but that's just me.

Highlight of the day was the perfectly cooked marinated sirloin beef we grilled, our journey back home by walking (buses were not in service after we finished dinner) and the birthday girl crying tears of joy from our embarrassing performance! Oh, did I say that we performed with the faces of each group member -- including hers?

I danced and sang the lines of Onew, the face with the red border. I learned all of the group members name!

Haha, Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

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