Sunday, February 19, 2012

life: bleak future

My week was drifting by smoothly until I was reminded about course selections. At that moment, a dagger just jabbed into the core of my happiness and instantly died. Course selections is also another word for, planning out your future. I happened to be one of those dazed and confused teenagers who don't know what to do with their lives. Well, I do, not really, it's vague image of my future. I promised myself, if all fails, I'll start a vintage store or an online store. Who knows, maybe I'll concur the damn world. I lied, I just have an expanded imagination. Oh, the the things you want don't come easily, and the things you don't want, comes so easily. Why you so cruel life?
Anyways, I've been dressing subconsciously boyish like. Whoops.
aldo boots, bdg ripped jeans, diesel denim jacket, & the rest thrifted