Monday, February 6, 2012

new in: vintage & printed tee

I got two awesome t-shirts from a vintage store called The Blackmarket, and no, it's not an actual black market, although I have to admit, when you first walk in, it's pretty sketchy. If you live in the Toronto area, it definitely won't hurt to drop by, everything is 10 bucks.
I managed to squeeze in a post before my lovely short break ends and resuming the cycle of the repetitive life of school, which slowly saws my mind in half until I flip a table on an annyoing suburban cookie cutter teen. Alright, enough ranting about school, I'm going to go pull an all nighter so I can be all pretty for tomorrow's first day of the new semester. Woohoo....~


  1. Ahh wow, love the tees! I whish there was somewhere like that in London.

    Now following :)!/laura_blush